Utilities in Seattle

It is amazing how easy it is to setup all your utilities from your coach in Seattle. You literally don’t have to talk with anyone. The only problem is that URLs for signup are so buried in information, As an illustration and what a dashboard should look like to signup and then to monitor/pay your bills:

“Seattle Public Utilities”:http://seattle.gov/util has no obvious place to “signup” so the link is http://www2.cityofseattle.net/util/services/closeopen/a.asp You do have to go read your water meter, so I guess I lied, it is the one trip off your coach 🙂 Then you use http://www.seattle.gov/util/Services/Billing/Manage_Your_Account/COS_004076.asp to setup bill payment, get garbage cans, check recycling dates and so forth.

“Seattle City Light”: for some reason is completely different from the utilties company so you need your own application http://www.seattle.gov/light/accounts/resa/ and this application doesn’t start service, but starts the review. It also has a billing area, but doesn’t seem to have a place to see Bill Payment Online and Automatic Bill Payment Program. But doesn’t seem to have a way to look at your bill online.

“Puget Sound Energy”:http://pse.com provides Natural Gas. (Confused yet!) so there is yet another. It has complete bill online, but this one looks like you need a call to 1-888-CALLPSE to get it going. So they are better at looking at bills online at http://www.pse.com/solutions/youraccount/Pages/mypseWhySignUp.aspx

“Comcast”:http://comcast.com. They have the cable franchise here and lots of HDTV. I really dislike their HD DVR but at least it is only a $15/month lease and as soon as I figure it out, I’ll get an HD TiVO. Still they provide really high speed internet at least in my neighborhood of 10Mbps regularly. Their site first puts you through an address locator so they can figure out what services are available at https://www.comcast.com/localization/Localize.ashx?StreetName=120+39th+Ave+East&AptNumber=&Zip=&x=72&y=6&FormName=AddressOrZipCode&StreetNumber=&StreetDesignation=&City=&State=&Referer=%2Fshop%2Fbuyflow%2Fdefault.ashx%3Fhp%3D1. Their offerings are really confusing, but the basic thing to get is what is called Digital Starter for $56/month and then the $15/month HD DVR option. Then for Internet, it is $45/month plus $3/month to rent the cable modem. So expensive. They take you through this complicated thing then actually have a representative talk with you through chat. Sad that something can be so complex, someone actually have to look at it.

“Qwest”:http://qwest.com. There are only two choices for true local phone service, Qwest and AT&T. You can use VOIP over your internet connection too, but then personally, I’d just use a cell phone. I normally like to get a backup real landline. $13.50/month and you can get $6/month and $4/month international plan.

Reregister from Mod to regular Rec

If you have a player who wants to go from say GU9 Mod to GU11, then this isn’t a problem, you just have to:

# Make sure you get permission from the parent via email
# Choose Edit/Registrant and search for the kid
# Make sure Play UP is set to yes
# Now Choose Edit/Reassign and select the new level, in this case GU11
# Now Choose on Quick Clicks, Assign Particpant
# Make sure you know the name of the team they will go to and pick that group
# You should now see the unassigned player and put them there.
# Email to the coach and parent to let them know.

If it is a scholarship kid, there is a fee difference going there, so you also have to

# Choose Edit/Registrant again and find the kid and click on them to see Player Settings
# Click on Registrant Financial Information. You should now see a fee different $90 vs $65 or $25 more.
# Click on New Payment or Refund
# Choose Adjustment and click on Decrease Fees and Type is Scholarship and the amount $25. In the comment put your name

What to bring for games

So here is the paperwork for each game:

* Each coach gets a packet that comes from SYSA and goes to each club registrar
* there are smaller sheets with carbon copy pages to be filled out for the ref for the games.
* Let’s see for reporting scores…the ref is suppose to report the scores. If no ref was there then you need to call the score in. The number and e-mail are at www.sysa.org under standings.

You should also bring your signed roster showing that everyone is age verified and all the medical forms in case someone is hurt.

Code of conduct forms and process

The Washington State Youth Soccer Association only requires that every player, parent and volunteer agree to the follow its ethics rules (no screaming at kids for instance) simply by participating.

The Seattle Youth Soccer Association requires that parents, players and volunteers sign a form.

At Capitol Hill Soccer Club, we handle this in two ways:

# As part of the registration process for players, electronically, you see an ethics form and agree to it.
# As part of the coach signup process, you also have an ethics form you have to agree to. In addition, we collect a signed coach ethics form as well as a secondary check that everyone really understands the point of this is to make sure kids have fun and learn good sportsmanship
# There is a disciplinary process where if there is an incident, a protesting coach tells the referee. Then with the endorsement of the club president, it goes to the disciplinary committee at the Seattle level. Their decisions are reviewed by the large Seattle club.

Assigning new players

While some kids come in knowing they want to play on Team X. Actually, while we acknowledge the preference, they really sign for the league in Recreational and then get assigned. In practice most people get their preference. The rule in Seattle is that you don’t get assigned unless you submit your proof of age first, we didn’t do that this year at Capitol Hill, but something to think about because it forces folks to see the proof of age as part of the registration process rather than having registrars chase and seem like bureaucrats. We could also do for medical forms now that I think about it.

In any case, for kids who are signing up without teams in mind, here is the rules:

# I know the BU14 team, the Tornadoes, really needs players so they’d take him
# But some teams I’d ask the coach first, it depends on personalities. It is a good idea to ask first in general as you are getting to know people. This is for recreation, so the letter of the law, is that coaches can’t pick people and kids can’t pick teams, but in practice most people get their choices.
# If there is only one team, then I would usually just add them
# If the team is full, then you need to contact a registrar in another Seattle club or ask if the kid wants to “play up” with bigger kids.
# There is also a chance a space may open up on the BU13 team so I’m working on that too. We’ll see what happens.

Printing out a roster and signing it

OK, when the coaches have turned in their forms and all kids have proof of age verified, you are ready to have a signed roster. This gets sent to the coaches and the registrar job ends 🙂

Here are the mechanics:

# Click on the league like 2008 Fall Rec
# Click on the quick link called Find Participant
# Type in the last name of the coach and you will see his coaching record. Click on the last link which should be for the current year
# You will see his assigned team as a link, click on it
# This will get you to the team page so you can get the roster
# At the menus, select Reports>Folders and Teams > Admin Roster this will now download a roster in PDF form
# Save this and if you are on the Mac, get yourself a copy of PDFpen and have a scan of your signature somewhere.
# Open the roster with PDFPen and Choose File>Insert and find the JPG of your signature
# Choose Edit/Make Transparent and click on the white part of the scan and Make it transparent
# Move this down to the signature section and paste
# Click on the text tool and by the date, type in the date
# Now the trick, there is a bug in 3.5.1 of pdfpen, so you need to choose File/Print and select Save as PDF as the bottom to spit out a PDF
# Mail this to the coach.

Printing all medical forms for a team as their coach

With Bonzi, if you want to print out all the forms for your team and you are a coach with coach tools turned on:

# you can go to your team page which you access as an administrator at www.capitolhillsoccer.org/sam. # Since your tools are on, I’ve resent your instructions on how to access this by hitting update (I think).
# You log-in at the admin site with the same username and password that you used to register and then you can turn on or use your team pages.
# Follow the instructions/help given there.
# There’s a line to click on that will print out all the player forms or you can do which ever ones you need.
# If you want the players to do their own (they should have gotten one as an attachement when they registered, but that doesn’t always work), they can go to the club website at www.capitolhillsoccer.org, log-in, click on past registrations, then click on print forms.
# I find it is easier to print them all out and get the parent signatures at practice. Hold on to the forms for the season.

Finding a coach and Removing a coach from a team

This really shouldn’t be this hard, but to find an existing coach from a team you have to:

# Click on the league you want (e.g., 2008 Fall Rec)
# On the Quick Clicks in the top left of the screen, look for Find Participant
# Click on Coache and type in the last name
# You will see all the teams that person has ever coached.
# Click on the last season and you will see the coaches form
# In the middle of the coaches page there is a hot link under _Current Team Assignment_ which points to the team page
# Click on the team page to see who they coach

If you want to remove a coach, choose from Quick Clicks, assign coach

# From there, you can see on the left coaches current assigned.
# to remove the coach, select his name and then click the right arrow to move him to available

When you get a coaches form

It is a little bit of a pain when you get a coaches form because the form only tells you the league (event in Bonzi parlance) and that it is boys under 10, but not the team name. You have to run a report first which is /Report/Coaches/Assigned Coaches and print out First Name, Last Name and Assigned To, then you can see the team.

You then go the the team tree and if the form is right, you click on Coaches Tools to turn that on and then click on the name to get the coach record and click on Paperwork click box.

Then the coach is set to go 🙂