Mac Mail has stuck messages in Outbox

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The problem is a corrupt Outbox. I read about this on
the ATT trouble shooting site. Delete the Outbox and
mail will create a new one. This solved my problem with
email sitting the Outbox forever and never being sent.
To be safe, I dragged my Outbox to a different location,
then started mail. Problem solved!

The Outbox is found: Users/YourName/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Outbox.mbox

Another way to selective delete lots of Skype contacts

7000 contacts in Skype Address Book, how do I mass delete – Skype Community

Select one contact, scroll to the last contact and shift-click on it. That should select EVERYTHING between the first and the last–so be careful. Then hit the DELETE key on your keyboard. If there are contacts you do not wish to delete, simply Shift-click from the first one you want to eliminate to the last one before the contact you want to keep. Then skip that one and begin again. Might take a little thought and a little time, but it can be done.

Mass Delete Skype Contacts

I’m an idiot, I imported 7000 contacts into Skype. I know, I should have just allowed things to be seen. There is no documented way to delete contact except one by one. The problem is that it is not clear how to select all contacts. Here is how you do it:

# Click on the contact group list.
# There is no command for this, you just have to know it is Command-A or Ctrl-A on the PC to select all the contacts. With 7000 contacts, it will take about 2 minutes.
# Then all the Edit menu items are greyed out so it appears that you are stuck. But in fact, if you hit the Delete Key, then you can delete all the contacts.

The main issue is that I’m a dummy and expect that everything that can be done with shortcut keys is on the menus so I was expecting to see both Edit/Select all which isn’t there and also Edit/Delete to be active instead of greyed. You are warned, don’t import contacts, just click on View Address Book.

Performance will be way better. With 7000 contacts, Skype is regularly spinning for 10 minutes at 100% talking with its servers. Right now the 7000 contact delete is still going on after five minutes with the processor running maxed.

Skype Community > How to completely delete a contact list ?

Ctrl+A selects all your contacts and then just delete them

Google sync to Exchange

Well, I’ve been trying to get Google and Exchange to work. Tried Google Sync for Outlook. Now, the usual question, Google sync, says “do you want to delete 415 events in your Outlook calendar?” There can only be really one answer to that:


So I think the best choice is to backup Outlook, then do the sync, then reimport in. Use the calendar de-duplicator to get to the right place. Maybe after the sync it all works.

So, I don’t completely understand what it is doing. The best “recommendation”: I’ve heard is to use Blackberry to Google Sync application. I’ve been using this for my Chinese calendar and seems to work reasonably. Only runs on late model Blackberry’s. Browse to It does cost you to just have a Blackberry up doing this, but best choice now.

Reset iCal and Entourage

I’ve had terrible problems with both iCal and Entourage. With iCal, I first tried to use Google Calendar and then started deleting excessive calendars. Then, when I rebooted, I discovered that I couldn’t see any calendars and also that when I tried to add another calendar with New calendar, iCal just hung.

First thing to do when this happens is to start the Console (go to spotlight at upper right and type _console_ and in the search box, type “ical”. I saw right away there was an “Coredata uncaught exception” so something was wrong. A little research showed Coredata are the internal Apple library for managing databases, so it sure feels like a database corruption. First thing to do is to try to reset iCal

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How do I completely reset iCal? I want a really clean startup situation as if iCal has never run on this account. I tried:

rm -rf ~/Library/{Caches,Caches/Metadata,Preferences,Application\ Support}/*iCal*

but when I start iCal after that I get still a calendar mentioned (which I created a while back but is empty) besides Home and Work. I tried removing as above and logging out and in but that also did not work

Unfortunately, this is not quite correct. There is another database called ~/Library/Calendars which is your list of all calendar data. This what was corrupt which is why there was no left pane. There is a problem. Delete these many files and all is really reset.

Now Entourage somehow decided to take one recurring Birthday and make it a daily event spanning 46 years and then repeat that every year. Didn’t appear in Exchange, so this was something in the Entourage not liking what it saw in Exchange. Solution is to complete wide Entourage. Even a database rebuild (in Spotlight, search for Microsoft Database Utility) didn’t help. So you have to go to Account Settings and delete the offending and reinstall. Also delete in ~/Library/Microsoft all the Entourage databases.