Mac Mail has stuck messages in Outbox

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The problem is a corrupt Outbox. I read about this on
the ATT trouble shooting site. Delete the Outbox and
mail will create a new one. This solved my problem with
email sitting the Outbox forever and never being sent.
To be safe, I dragged my Outbox to a different location,
then started mail. Problem solved!

The Outbox is found: Users/YourName/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Outbox.mbox

Tricking an iPhone to use an optimized page using an Google

If you search Google on your iphone and click on a link, it uses a javascript program to make the page look good. The Javascript takes a multicolumn page and turn it into a single readable column.  But, it is quite hard to get it to do it without going to Google all the time on your iPhone or iPod touch. So here is how thanks to Abel:

# Load <a href=””></a> by emailing it to yourself
# Read the email on your iPhone and click on the link
# The page you get won’t load, however
# choose to add as a bookmark
# Edit the leading ‘http://’ out of the URL.
# Go to the website you want
# once it starts loading, click the bookmark you created
# it will render the page optimized for iPhone
# You can then bookmark the newly rendered page for future use.

Reregister from Mod to regular Rec

If you have a player who wants to go from say GU9 Mod to GU11, then this isn’t a problem, you just have to:

# Make sure you get permission from the parent via email
# Choose Edit/Registrant and search for the kid
# Make sure Play UP is set to yes
# Now Choose Edit/Reassign and select the new level, in this case GU11
# Now Choose on Quick Clicks, Assign Particpant
# Make sure you know the name of the team they will go to and pick that group
# You should now see the unassigned player and put them there.
# Email to the coach and parent to let them know.

If it is a scholarship kid, there is a fee difference going there, so you also have to

# Choose Edit/Registrant again and find the kid and click on them to see Player Settings
# Click on Registrant Financial Information. You should now see a fee different $90 vs $65 or $25 more.
# Click on New Payment or Refund
# Choose Adjustment and click on Decrease Fees and Type is Scholarship and the amount $25. In the comment put your name

Entourage Calendar Sharing

This is a great example of having to read your posts to remember crazy stuff. In this case, I want to share my calendar from Entourage to Entourage. How do you do it with a hosted Exchange. Man, I did this “originally”: then promptly forgot how. There is a item at “Mobility Today”: that explains this.

# You *can not* do this with Entourage by itself when you are going at a hosted Exchange. This is because Entourage isn’t in the same private network as Exchange by definition since it is hosted
# You have to use Outlook, so I hope you have Parallels or a Windows machine.
# In Outlook 2007, create a new profile for the user who wants to share his or her account by choosing Control Panel/Switch to Classic View and then click on Mail. Click in the Mail tab, New… for a new profile. Click on manually configure and then enter for Microsoft Exchange Server, and the user name is Rich Tong and the click on More Settings
# Now click on the Connection tab since you need to set RPC over HTTP by clickin on “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” and then click on Exchange Proxy Settings enter and make sure both On fast network, connect using HTTP… and On slow networks, connect using HTTP first in the section called Use this authentication, select Basic Authentication and choose OK
# Now click Next and close and close
# Start Outlook and you will get a Connect to… dialog and enter for the user name _bizatlarge\rich.threeinitials and the password and now Outlook should start with you connect. It will show retrieving mailbox settings for quite a long time
# Now right click on the Calendar and choose Permissions then click on Add… and you should see the Global Address List and add folks and choose OK and choose Publishing Editor to get the right permissions

When Players aren’t going to play

If you get a note saying someone doesn’t want to play:

# Get email from the parents or the participant. You can’t just take the coach’s word
# Choose in Quick clicks and assign participant and find the team, click on the person and unassign
# Now reject the player
# Select the main folder for your registration event
# Choose EDIT / FIND and search for your player or coach/volunteer (or team).
# For players (or teams), click on the to display the Registration Financial Information screen.
# When the window displays, by each registrant name you’ll see a CONFIRM or REJECT button. Select the option you want and click the UPDATE STATUS button on that screen.
# When you are done making your changes to EACH registrant on the screen, click the CLOSE button.

Team sweeps

When you get a new kid who has sent in proof of age, it is a convenient time to send an update mail to the team:

1. Run Member/Verify Member and find the kid and verify them.
2. Click on the league they are in
3. Choose Find Participants in quick click and enter the kids name
4. double click on his entry and then in the center to his team
5. From the team page, run Reports/Participants/Detailed Reports and select First Name, Last Name, PG1 Email and click on unverified. If you haven’t been to this team lately, click on Email All and send a reminder that you still need proof of age
6. Copy all the names from the spreadsheet and close the window
7. Now choose email roster and all the coaches will be checked. Past the spreadsheet in to tell them who has not been verified and giving them emails if they need it. Also include a note on which coaches have not set in their paperwork.

The beauty of the system is that you don’t have to remember to send reminders, you just use new proof of age to do that.

Unassigning players

More soccer entries, if someone doesn’t want to play after they are registered and assigned,

# Send an email to the parents via find member
# Wait until you get email from the parents as you can’t just change things
# First find their team, click on the league, select the fields last name, first name and assignment, then choose Participants/Detailed Report and then the last name, this will tell you the Assignment.
# Then click on the team
# Quick click to assign participants and then unassign
# If it is before August 31st, you can refund their money

iPhone 2.0 Tips, tricks and traps

Well, after two weeks of using the iPhone 3G and its 2.0, here are my notes for what works and what doesn’t. In general, this is the best phone I’ve ever used and for the first time in 12 years, I’m not using a Blackberry which is kinda of amazing. First the good, then the bad, then the ugly:

The Good

# The internet is really faster. 3G does seem to work and more importantly, the Wifi switching seems to be really effective (unlike my XP machines which are always hunting or even the Mac OS X which has its problems).
# The Exchange ActiveSync is amazingly bug-free and very fast. I was able to sync 1,000 calendar events and 7,000 contacts in a minute or so. Way faster than the Blackberry or for that matter Entourage (Entourage 2008 takes a day and a half to do a full sync with Exchange).
# White 1tGB. Call me a geek, but I actually like the white color and 16GB is *alot* of music and video.
# The Apple Remote from iPhone seems incredibly nerdy, but is super useful. Controlling your iTunes from your phone and then having Apple Express to control your stereo means you can run your home system from anywhere and you never lose your remote!
# Pandora is a terrific application because you don’t need to sync your music. Don’t know how I lived without it. Midori is also terrific because it lets you see YouTube videos of songs you like. Biggest thing missing is podcast streaming. There was mobilecast on jailbroken 1.x firmware and I really miss that application! I just never want to dock my iPhone ever again and we are very close to it!
# The location stuff really works. Now we just need turn by turn directions!

The Bad

# Syncs with iTunes are now way slower. I don’t what they are doing in backup, but is super slow. No fix in the latest 7.7.1 unfortunately. Of course, with me, I”m wondering why they are backing up at all. After all all the music is on the computer and all the email and so forth is on servers (you really want to use Imap or Exchange).
# Appstore really does work. I’ve got 5 screens full of new icons and the installation and runing works, but the applications are definitely unreliable. In general, before important phone calls and each day in the morning and evening, I completely turn off and reboot the machine.
# Regular reboots. There look like lots of memory leaks and other problems in version 2.0. So you have to treat the phone more like a computer. Regular reboots really help. However, on some reboots, the phone doesn’t acquire the wireless network correctly, so sometimes you have to do twice
# No copy and paste or dialing things that look like phone numbers.
These make it impossible to blog or to copy email somewhere. Also
Blackberry has this totally cool feature where if it looks like a phone
number in a email, you can click to dial it.
# No IM client. I used Twitter which is buggy and crashes unfortunately. And I need to try Paringo on iTunes Link which reportedly able to do Google Talk which is what I need.

The Ugly

# Contact searching is incredibly slow. The screen can lock for 10 seconds in the contact application with 7000 contacts. Blackberry is always keystroke fast as is Mac Mail (great job on indexing), but this is even more miserable than Outlook contact searching and don’t even talk about how slow Entourage is. The solution for that one is to use Google’s keystroke fast application as noted in
# Battery life is really terrible. Right now, I charge the phone all night. I charge it whenever I’m at work. We actually bought chargers for our conference rooms so folks can charge. I charge it in the car. So, net, net, this is something that can never really get fixed with this version of the 3G chipsets (it is a problem with all modern phones), but it is like going back 20 years where you discovered a dead phone is a useless phone. In those days at least there was another battery pack you can put in, but not with the iPhone. I’m sure someone will make a really ugly gigantic battery pack or cradle, but for me that is not the point of the iPhone.