Mac Excel Shortcuts

Here is the official list from Microsoft

The strange things are they are different. For instance F4 is paste whereas in Windows Excel is it change relative to absolute. And F2 is edit cell whereas it is cut text. And again, there is this strangeness that you use the Option key where you use the Ctrl key in windows even though there is a Ctrl key on new Mac keyboards.

Equivalent of Windows Excel F4 key in Excel 2008 for the Mac

Navigating in Excel
Switch between Worksheets fn-CTRL-PageUp/fn-CTRL-PageDown
Switch between Workbooks fn-`
Select entire worksheet Cmd+A
Move to the beginning of the line. fn+left arrow(home)
Go To fn + F5
Move a Sheet/Copy a Sheet Alt-E-M
Change Zoom Sizing Alt-V-Z

Entering and editing data
Complete a cell entry and select…
Delete cell and then get inside the cell DELETE
Delete cell/selection. fn+DELETE
Edit inside a cell (edit cell mode) CTRL+U
Once inside edit cell mode (F2)…
…Start a new line in the same cell. OPTION+CMD+ENTER
…Delete the preceding character. DELETE
…Delete the character to the right of the insertion fn + DELETE
Spell Check. fn + F7
Insert a comment. fn+SHIFT+ F2
Undo the last action. cmd+z
Redo the last action. cmd + y

Selecting, grouping, inserting, and deleting cell
Ungroup Rows or Columns SHIFT+ALT+LEFT ARROW KEY
Clear the contents of the selected cells. DELETE
Delete the selected cells. CTRL+MINUS SIGN SAME
Insert blank cells. CTRL+SHIFT+PLUS SIGN SAME

Copying and Pasting Shortcut
Copy, then Paste Special Formats Alt-E+S+T
Copy, then Paste Special Formulas Alt-E+S+F

Formatting Data Shortcut Example
Display the Style dialog box. CMD+SHIFT+L
Display the Format Cells dialog box. CMD+1
CTRL+SHIFT+! 1,254.34
Currency format: 2 decimal places (negative numbers in parentheses): CTRL+SHIFT+$ $1,254.34
Percentage format with no decimal places. CTRL+SHIFT+% 125434%
Exponential number format with two decimal places. CTRL+SHIFT+^ 1.25E+03
Boldface CMD+B
Italicize CMD+I
Underline CMD+U
Strikethrough CMD+SHIFT+_
Apply the outline border to the selected cells. CMD+Option+Arrow Key
Remove the outline border from the selected cells. CMD+Option+Arrow Key

Enter and calculate formulas Shortcut Example
Start a formula. = (equal sign) =F45*G12
In a formula, display the Insert Function dialog box. fn+SHIFT + F3
Recalculate all worksheets in all open workbooks. F9
Anchoring “Fixing” Cells F4 – must be in edit cell mode (CTRL+U) =$F$4*G125
Go to precedent cell(s) CTRL-[

Naming cells, Hyperlinks, inserting time and dat
Name a cell. fn+CMD+F3
Display a drop-down list of the values in the current cALT+DOWN ARROW

MacBook Air reinstallation and hopefully Time Capsule transfer

OK, so I’ve completely wiped my MacBook Air, time to rebuild it. Here is a list of things that have to happen. Sure sounds Windows like doesn’t it 🙂

# Remote install Mac OS X. Sigh. This is going to take 4 hours over the air apparently
# Try the “Time Capsule recovery”: which comes during the standard installation, it asks if you want to restore from Time Capsule
# Run Settings/Software Update to get me to 10.5.5.
# Install Microsoft Office 2004
# Install PDFPen
# Install Quickeys (or a good time to get F2 and F4 working with other stuff)
# Copy over my Music
# Make Mac Mail work with my email accounts
# Make Entourage work with our Exchange server

F2 in Mac

Well, F2 on the Mac changes the screen brightness on MacBooks, but when you are in Excel, you want F2 to be brightness and F4 to be change cell references from absolute and so forth. With the F8-F12 this isn’t an issue, you can unmap those to get to F9 which is recalc by just changing System Preferences/Keyboard & Mouse/Keyboard Shortcuts and unmapping F9. Confused yet?

Macworld | Mac OS X Hints | Change Excel’s ‘edit in cell’ keyboard shortcut

On the PC, you can edit the current cell in place by simply pressing F2. On the Mac, the equivalent keyboard shortcut is Control-U, as F2 is assigned to cut the contents of the current cell. (If you’d like to see all of Excel’s keyboard shortcuts, open Help -> Excel Help, then type keyboard shortcuts in the search box, and then select Excel Keyboard Shortcuts in the results box. You’ll probably find quite a few that you didn’t know about.) After many years of using a PC in my prior job, I found the Control-U shortcut not only hard to remember, but harder to type. Unfortunately, you won’t find the “edit this cell” command listed in Excel’s keyboard customization section, so there’s no apparent way to change the shortcut. With a bit of help from a third-party program, though, you can achieve the same end result—make F2 edit the current cell in Excel (2004 or 2008) on the Mac.

To make this work, you’ll need some sort of program that supports macros; I’m going to use Butler

Mac Excel Shortcuts

It turns out that some of the commands in Mac Excel can’t actually be rebound. For instance, Allison, wants to have these work. Here is the list and how to get them Mac Excel. For Mac Excel 2001 we have a list.

Control + page up. This maps to Ctrl-Right which is find the next empty cell. On a Mac laptop there is no Page Up or Page Down keys, they only have arrow keys, so can’t remap these. Need to use an extended 101 keyboard for this to work. The Mac equivalent is Command-F6 and Command-Shift-F6 to go back a worksheet

The function keys are gotten by typing FN-F1 since the Mac uses the function keys for other things:

F2. This is so strange, with the Mac, it maps to Ctrl-U and there is no way to get F2 for EDIT and need a shortcut. You can get this with Quickeys
F4. This is Command-T on the Mac (“techjive”: The only way to get this to work for Excel is some sort of shortcut. You can get this with Quickeys to map it.
F5. This is the Goto function and it works
F9. Recalc which is CMD-W The main issue is that normally Mac Excel makes F9 their own shortcut, so you have to turn off keyboard shortcuts for Expose.

Ctrl-R.Copy from the cell on left into this cell. This works in Mac Excel and is called the Right function
Ctrl-D. Copy from the cell above down to here.
Alt + =. Not sure what this does but on Mac, Alt keys actually puts in special character
Shift+F2. Insert comment. this works in Mac Excel
Alt+E, S, T. Opens the edit menu, then s choose paste specials and then format. You have to get this with Quickeys
Control + 1. Format Cells. Need to change in the Excel Keyboard Shortcuts since it is select object on the Mac and format cells is command-1.

Alt+I+C. Insert Column. Which I actually do as Ctrl-Space and then Ctrl-+, but you need a key remapper to do this.
Alt+I+R. Insert Row. Same thing, but it is actually Ctrl-Shift-Equal
Control+P. Works this is File/Print
Control+Y. This is redo and is mapped to Command-Y on the Mac, but Control-Y is unassigned, so use Excel to map
Control+Tab. This is next workbook. It works in Mac Excel. Note that Alt-Tab on the PC is Command-Taq on the Mac which you need Quickeys can’t remap

Some of my favorites are

Ctrl-$ for currency format. Works on Mac
Ctrl-% for perfentage. Works on Mac
Ctrl-Shift-Arrow. Select to the rigth

Ctrl-PgUp navigates through worksheets
Ctrl-PgDn navigates through worksheets.
Ctrl-Minus is Delect
Ctrl-Shift-Plus is Insert
Ctrl-* is fill in
Shift-Space selects a row
Ctrl-Plus inserts a row
Ctrl-Minus deletes a row