Unlocked iPhones

OK, you can now find these in “Hong Kong”:http://www.9to5mac.com/hkiPhone. Not prices you can love, but the 8GB iPhone is $695 and the 16GB HK$6200 or $800 US Dollars. In comparison, the original iPhone was $599 and dropped to $495.

You can also buy unlocked iPhones from Belgium and Italy at the same outrageous prices:

$695 – Apple’s official price for unlocked iPhones | 9 to 5 Mac

Unlocked iPhones are available since july in Italy, prices are 499 EUR for 8 Gb and 569 EUR for 16 Gb version

$695 – Apple’s official price for unlocked iPhones | 9 to 5 Mac

iPhone is being launched today in South Africa 🙂 and can be purchases for:
$790.00 8 GB
$940.00 16 GB

$695 – Apple’s official price for unlocked iPhones | 9 to 5 Mac

The iPhone 3G has been on sale in Belgium since July 11 and it’s always been unlocked (615 Euro for 16 GB, 525 Euro for 8 GB). The online Mobistar store is currently out of iPhones (again).

At current exchange rates this is $770 for the 8GB!

MacBook Air update

Apple to Update MacBook Air to Penryn Soon? – Mac Rumors

The external design is to remain the same, but the new MacBook Air is said to incorporate a new Penryn-class processor “from 2.0GHz and potentially beyond”. To compensate, Apple will be including a higher capacity battery.

In fact, the new revision of the MacBook Air will draw it much more in-line with the current MacBook internals. Expect to see SSD prices in-line with the current revision, however the hard drive version of the MacBook Air will likely be upgraded to 120 GB, and optionally 160 GB, due to falling prices for 1.8-inch hard drives.
PhoneNews is not a typical source of Apple rumors, but appears to have a reasonably good reputation.

The timeframe for such an update is also reasonable with earlier reports indicating that Intel was planning on a Penryn update to the custom MacBook Air processor. Several readers, however, had hoped that Apple would simply choose to utilize the more power-efficient chips at the same processor speeds in order to extend battery life.

Solid State Drives

Drool, drool, solid state drives are on the way. They are as fast as traditional hard disks. They are about $1,000 per 64GB drive which is still expensive but coming down fast. Think about it as the logical upgrade for your current notebook.

AnandTech: 64GB SSD on the Desktop: Samsung and OCZ go mainstream

new mainstream drives offering performance equal to the best mechanical desktop drives in most cases. The sustained read/write rates have increased to the 100/80 MB/s range. Capacities are now standardizing at 64GB with average pricing dropping to around $16 per-GB for the mainstream sector. The highest performing drives feature 120/120 MB/s read/write speeds with capacities up to 128GB, but pricing is around $29~$32 per-GB. In the high performance sector, we expect to see 150/100+ MB/s read/write performance shortly along with capacities up to 128GB around the current price range.