Mass Delete Skype Contacts

I’m an idiot, I imported 7000 contacts into Skype. I know, I should have just allowed things to be seen. There is no documented way to delete contact except one by one. The problem is that it is not clear how to select all contacts. Here is how you do it:

# Click on the contact group list.
# There is no command for this, you just have to know it is Command-A or Ctrl-A on the PC to select all the contacts. With 7000 contacts, it will take about 2 minutes.
# Then all the Edit menu items are greyed out so it appears that you are stuck. But in fact, if you hit the Delete Key, then you can delete all the contacts.

The main issue is that I’m a dummy and expect that everything that can be done with shortcut keys is on the menus so I was expecting to see both Edit/Select all which isn’t there and also Edit/Delete to be active instead of greyed. You are warned, don’t import contacts, just click on View Address Book.

Performance will be way better. With 7000 contacts, Skype is regularly spinning for 10 minutes at 100% talking with its servers. Right now the 7000 contact delete is still going on after five minutes with the processor running maxed.

Skype Community > How to completely delete a contact list ?

Ctrl+A selects all your contacts and then just delete them

Printing out a roster and signing it

OK, when the coaches have turned in their forms and all kids have proof of age verified, you are ready to have a signed roster. This gets sent to the coaches and the registrar job ends 🙂

Here are the mechanics:

# Click on the league like 2008 Fall Rec
# Click on the quick link called Find Participant
# Type in the last name of the coach and you will see his coaching record. Click on the last link which should be for the current year
# You will see his assigned team as a link, click on it
# This will get you to the team page so you can get the roster
# At the menus, select Reports>Folders and Teams > Admin Roster this will now download a roster in PDF form
# Save this and if you are on the Mac, get yourself a copy of PDFpen and have a scan of your signature somewhere.
# Open the roster with PDFPen and Choose File>Insert and find the JPG of your signature
# Choose Edit/Make Transparent and click on the white part of the scan and Make it transparent
# Move this down to the signature section and paste
# Click on the text tool and by the date, type in the date
# Now the trick, there is a bug in 3.5.1 of pdfpen, so you need to choose File/Print and select Save as PDF as the bottom to spit out a PDF
# Mail this to the coach.

Finding a coach and Removing a coach from a team

This really shouldn’t be this hard, but to find an existing coach from a team you have to:

# Click on the league you want (e.g., 2008 Fall Rec)
# On the Quick Clicks in the top left of the screen, look for Find Participant
# Click on Coache and type in the last name
# You will see all the teams that person has ever coached.
# Click on the last season and you will see the coaches form
# In the middle of the coaches page there is a hot link under _Current Team Assignment_ which points to the team page
# Click on the team page to see who they coach

If you want to remove a coach, choose from Quick Clicks, assign coach

# From there, you can see on the left coaches current assigned.
# to remove the coach, select his name and then click the right arrow to move him to available