Entourage Calendar Sharing

This is a great example of having to read your posts to remember crazy stuff. In this case, I want to share my calendar from Entourage to Entourage. How do you do it with a hosted Exchange. Man, I did this “originally”:http://www.tongfamily.com/2008/05/entourage-2008-and-hosted-exchange-2003/#more-3473 then promptly forgot how. There is a item at “Mobility Today”:http://mobilitytoday.com/news/005450/hp_exchange_email that explains this.

# You *can not* do this with Entourage by itself when you are going at a hosted Exchange. This is because Entourage isn’t in the same private network as Exchange by definition since it is hosted
# You have to use Outlook, so I hope you have Parallels or a Windows machine.
# In Outlook 2007, create a new profile for the user who wants to share his or her account by choosing Control Panel/Switch to Classic View and then click on Mail. Click in the Mail tab, New… for a new profile. Click on manually configure and then enter for Microsoft Exchange Server, mail-13ps.atlarge.net and the user name is Rich Tong and the click on More Settings
# Now click on the Connection tab since you need to set RPC over HTTP by clickin on “Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP” and then click on Exchange Proxy Settings enter rpc.atlarge.net and make sure both On fast network, connect using HTTP… and On slow networks, connect using HTTP first in the section called Use this authentication, select Basic Authentication and choose OK
# Now click Next and close and close
# Start Outlook and you will get a Connect to… dialog and enter for the user name _bizatlarge\rich.threeinitials and the password and now Outlook should start with you connect. It will show retrieving mailbox settings for quite a long time
# Now right click on the Calendar and choose Permissions then click on Add… and you should see the Global Address List and add folks and choose OK and choose Publishing Editor to get the right permissions

Swimming in Exchange Calendar Duplicates

I don’t know what is doing it. Entourage, the many synchronizer, but I’ve got 1100 duplicate calendar entries which is depressing since I deleted 500 last week. Time to buy a deduplicator. There don’t seem to be any for Entourage that don’t take weeks to run, so I’m having to do this with Outlook under Parallels. The google:”outlook duplicates” search revelas Mapilab and “Sperry”:http://sperrysoftware.com both make these. I’ve use Mapilab and it costs a ridiculous $24 to get something that shouldn’t happen. Sigh.

Audiobook Cd Backup with Max Mac Fission for splitting and MP3 Trimmer for joining

If you have a series of audiobook CDs that you want to backup. What is the easiest way to do it. Well, you can use iTunes to back it up. You want to set it to use very small files. I normally go to iTunes/Preferences/Advanced/Importing and set it to MP3, custom with 32Kbps and 24Khz sampling rate. This can take a 6 CD collection that normally takes 3.6GB uncompressed or 700MB at high quality down to 100MB or so. The main issue I’ve found with iTunes is that it leaves with lots and lots of tracks (normally 130 tracks in a 6CD set). What I really want is a single 100MB file that remembers my position. However when I use MP3 Trimmer to glom together a bunch of MP3s, it doesn’t work. Something about how iTunes writes the files causes it just to play the first track and quite. Ugh.

I found that “Fission”:http://amoeba.com is a great MP3 editor and trimmer for making ringtones and cutting files up. This is great for ringtones as iPhone now support open ringtones. You use Fission to find what you want. it is lossless because it edits MP3 directly. Then you load into Garageband to product the .m4r files. Stick them into the ringtone directory of itunes and you are off.

But what if you have a bunch of Audiobooks on CDs. You don’t want things in five minute chapters, you want a few big files. Then you need something that does the reverse. Something that joins files. “MP3 Trimmer”:http://deepniner.net/mp3trimmer/ is more general purpose than Fission and appears to handle joining as well. Giving it a try now and it seems to work, but unfortunately, it isn’t writing MP3s right. While iTunes thinks it has a 7 hour MP3, it actually only plays 2 minutes that is the first segment, so the copy isn’t quite right. Too bad!

So in the meantime, I hope you have Parallels, I use the Windows program “MP3Merger”:http://www.hitsquad.com/smm/programs/MP3Merger/ to do MP3 joining and that works well.

A little complicated to join, but you essentially choose Tools>Join MP3 files or press CMD-J, this shows a window and you drag and drop the MP3s to be joined together. They alpha sort this by default, so pray that your files work that way 🙂 Seems to work fast and great.

Remote desktop between Mac and PC

I use Microsoft Remote Desktop between Windows machines and it is very convenient to logon and see the screen of another computer. For Apple, they have something called Share Screen which is the same thing and is based on “VNC”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VNC protocol that lets you control one computer from another. But what if you want to do this between a Mac to a Windows machine. Very useful if some application only run on a PC and you don’t like the overhead of running Parallels or having to reboot with Basecamp. Just have a Windows machine somewhere and use VNC.

Here is how:

# Use an open source free VNC server and viewer like “RealVNC”:http://realvnc.com. They have paid version, but the free one works for Windows and includes a client and a server.
# On the “Mac”:http://the.taoofmac.com/space/VNC, there is already a VNC server built in. Go to System Preferences/Sharing and turn on Screen Sharing. It nicely gives you the IP address you use if you have Windows, otherwise if you are controlling this computer from another Mac, you can just see it as a button when you go to the sharing section of finder.
# You still need a Mac client to complete the picture, so you can control a PC. And Tao of Mac recommends “JollysFastVNC”:http://the.taoofmac.com/space/apps/JollysFastVNC although “Chicken of the VNC”:http://sourceforge.net/projects/cotvnc/ comes up first in google:”mac vnc client”

The Tao of Mac – Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

Mac OS X includes a VNC server (check the Sharing preference pane, it’s part of Apple Remote Desktop).

Kerio vs. Exchange for Entourage, Mac OS X, iPhone and Blackberry

Well we’ve narrowed down choices to two choices, two hosters against one of three desktop and two mobile clients. Here are the parameters:

Support for either of, in order:

* Mac OS X application. That is Mail, iCal and Address Book that are native to OS X and which is fast.
* Entourage 2004 or 2008 from Microsoft and typically free with any hoster. 2004 is slow as it is a non-native application while 2008 is new and definitely has sync issues.
* Outlook 2007 from Windows or via Parallels on the Mac. But Parallels on the Mac is very slow.

And to support both of:

* iPhone. We really mean the version 2 that will have ActiveSync
* Blackberry. Because folks have these but like the iPhone

So our choices technically are:

* Kerio. This is a Mac messaging, contact and calendaring backend
* Exchange

Here is how the matrix looks right now:

| | Kerio | Exchange | Comment |
| Mac Mail | Runs in Imap | Runs as imap | Both of these work fine |
| Address Book | Needs Kerio Sync to change contacts | Requires Entourage | |
| iCal | Use “Caldev”:http://www.kerio.com/manual/kmsug/en/ch11s05.html#sect-icalcaldavset on Leopard to allow delegation | Requires Entourage | |
| Entourage 2004 | Via OWA Emulation | Works | Not a native Intel app |
| Entourage 2008 | Need to Test | Need to test | Allows OOF setting |
| Outlook | Need to Test | Unacceptably Slow | |
| Windows | Need to Test | Works great | Assumes Outlook 2008 |
| Blackberry | Need to test | Works great | |
| iPhone | “v2”:http://forums.kerio.com/index.php?t=msg&th=13051&start=0&S=271491edc283c6f0ec2b666277b0b83e should work | wait for v2 | Kerio looks like Exchange so should work with iPhone v2! |