What if a player wants to drop?

If someone is playing and they decide they don’t want to play.

# If it is after September 1 there is no refund
# Click on the league
# Choose Edit/Registant and type in their name
# You should find them and click on them
# Now to quick click for participants and seach for that team
# find the person and click on the right arrow to deassign them and press ok
# Got back to Edit/Registrant and type in the name
# Click on financial information for participant
# Click on reject

Proving Scholarships

Capitol Hill Soccer does provide scholarships for children who want to play for whom the registration would create difficulties for the families. Here’s the process in Bonzi:

# The parents need to register, provide proof of age and so forth
# They should register with a pay by check
# Email registrar explaining the circumstances
# If approved, then the registrar comps the payment and notes to president

The actual process is:

# Click on the active league on the left
# Choose Registration/Registrant/Edit
# Type in the last name and choose find
# You will now see the participants
# Click on Financial Information and you will see the payment so far screen
# Click on New Payment/Refund
# See how the payment is made, if it is credit card and note the amount
# Enter the scholarship amount and then refund it

Team sweeps

When you get a new kid who has sent in proof of age, it is a convenient time to send an update mail to the team:

1. Run Member/Verify Member and find the kid and verify them.
2. Click on the league they are in
3. Choose Find Participants in quick click and enter the kids name
4. double click on his entry and then in the center to his team
5. From the team page, run Reports/Participants/Detailed Reports and select First Name, Last Name, PG1 Email and click on unverified. If you haven’t been to this team lately, click on Email All and send a reminder that you still need proof of age
6. Copy all the names from the spreadsheet and close the window
7. Now choose email roster and all the coaches will be checked. Past the spreadsheet in to tell them who has not been verified and giving them emails if they need it. Also include a note on which coaches have not set in their paperwork.

The beauty of the system is that you don’t have to remember to send reminders, you just use new proof of age to do that.

Standard reports

Bonzi is not very workflow oriented, but now that the verifications are done, here are the daily reports to do:

# Unassigned players. You want to get them assigned as quickly as possible. Click on Rec and Choose Reports/Participants/Detailed Reports and pick the fields First Name, Last Name, Registration Category and sort Registration Category (e.g., U-10) and then Last Name.
# Unverified players. These are players who are on teams, but we don’t have their proof of age. A big list this year. Click on Rec and then Select and Choose Reprots/Participants/Detailed Reports. Pik the fields First Name, Last Name, Registration Category, PG1 First, PG1 Email. Then sort by Registration Category and Last Name. The goal is to drive this to zero.

Finding Participants

One of the strange things about Bonzi is that the so called Quick Clicks are not really Quick Clicks, they are totally separate commands, so there is a tool bar and then there are more commands there. The important ones are:

# Find Participant. This is actually strangely named. Normally participants are just the kids who play, but for Quick Clicks, you can find history of coaches as an example and of players.
# Assign Coaches. Don’t be fooled, in this world, assign is used to unassign people.
# Assign Participants. Don’t be fooled by this, this is how you take people off of teams.

Unassigning players

More soccer entries, if someone doesn’t want to play after they are registered and assigned,

# Send an email to the parents via find member
# Wait until you get email from the parents as you can’t just change things
# First find their team, click on the league, select the fields last name, first name and assignment, then choose Participants/Detailed Report and then the last name, this will tell you the Assignment.
# Then click on the team
# Quick click to assign participants and then unassign
# If it is before August 31st, you can refund their money

Finding unverified participants

If you want to figure out all the unverified folks, you have to:

# Select the correct league on the left hand side. For instance Select teams
# Then choose run the following fields, first name, last name, registration category (this is GU-15), assignment (this is the team name)
# click on unverified and assigned to get everyone on a team who is without proof of age
# Sort by category, assignment

You will get lots of bad records if you don’t use the verified field, otherwise you will have the list of all the folks without birth certificates.