Proving Scholarships

Capitol Hill Soccer does provide scholarships for children who want to play for whom the registration would create difficulties for the families. Here’s the process in Bonzi:

# The parents need to register, provide proof of age and so forth
# They should register with a pay by check
# Email registrar explaining the circumstances
# If approved, then the registrar comps the payment and notes to president

The actual process is:

# Click on the active league on the left
# Choose Registration/Registrant/Edit
# Type in the last name and choose find
# You will now see the participants
# Click on Financial Information and you will see the payment so far screen
# Click on New Payment/Refund
# See how the payment is made, if it is credit card and note the amount
# Enter the scholarship amount and then refund it

Team sweeps

When you get a new kid who has sent in proof of age, it is a convenient time to send an update mail to the team:

1. Run Member/Verify Member and find the kid and verify them.
2. Click on the league they are in
3. Choose Find Participants in quick click and enter the kids name
4. double click on his entry and then in the center to his team
5. From the team page, run Reports/Participants/Detailed Reports and select First Name, Last Name, PG1 Email and click on unverified. If you haven’t been to this team lately, click on Email All and send a reminder that you still need proof of age
6. Copy all the names from the spreadsheet and close the window
7. Now choose email roster and all the coaches will be checked. Past the spreadsheet in to tell them who has not been verified and giving them emails if they need it. Also include a note on which coaches have not set in their paperwork.

The beauty of the system is that you don’t have to remember to send reminders, you just use new proof of age to do that.

Require Proof of Age before assignment

We didn’t do this this year, but when kids register, we should require proof of age *before* assignment. That is payment and proof of age are required first (assuming they haven’t played before). This means that every week during registration season:

* you have to run the Report/Registration/Detailed Report and select a period to see who has newly registered
* blanket check their names for verification (I think this is still manual unfortunately), send email if it isn’t there
* Then assign folks as needed. I think the system automatically assigns folks from last year, so this will only apply to new registrations.

Standard reports

Bonzi is not very workflow oriented, but now that the verifications are done, here are the daily reports to do:

# Unassigned players. You want to get them assigned as quickly as possible. Click on Rec and Choose Reports/Participants/Detailed Reports and pick the fields First Name, Last Name, Registration Category and sort Registration Category (e.g., U-10) and then Last Name.
# Unverified players. These are players who are on teams, but we don’t have their proof of age. A big list this year. Click on Rec and then Select and Choose Reprots/Participants/Detailed Reports. Pik the fields First Name, Last Name, Registration Category, PG1 First, PG1 Email. Then sort by Registration Category and Last Name. The goal is to drive this to zero.

Assigning new players

While some kids come in knowing they want to play on Team X. Actually, while we acknowledge the preference, they really sign for the league in Recreational and then get assigned. In practice most people get their preference. The rule in Seattle is that you don’t get assigned unless you submit your proof of age first, we didn’t do that this year at Capitol Hill, but something to think about because it forces folks to see the proof of age as part of the registration process rather than having registrars chase and seem like bureaucrats. We could also do for medical forms now that I think about it.

In any case, for kids who are signing up without teams in mind, here is the rules:

# I know the BU14 team, the Tornadoes, really needs players so they’d take him
# But some teams I’d ask the coach first, it depends on personalities. It is a good idea to ask first in general as you are getting to know people. This is for recreation, so the letter of the law, is that coaches can’t pick people and kids can’t pick teams, but in practice most people get their choices.
# If there is only one team, then I would usually just add them
# If the team is full, then you need to contact a registrar in another Seattle club or ask if the kid wants to “play up” with bigger kids.
# There is also a chance a space may open up on the BU13 team so I’m working on that too. We’ll see what happens.

Printing out a roster and signing it

OK, when the coaches have turned in their forms and all kids have proof of age verified, you are ready to have a signed roster. This gets sent to the coaches and the registrar job ends 🙂

Here are the mechanics:

# Click on the league like 2008 Fall Rec
# Click on the quick link called Find Participant
# Type in the last name of the coach and you will see his coaching record. Click on the last link which should be for the current year
# You will see his assigned team as a link, click on it
# This will get you to the team page so you can get the roster
# At the menus, select Reports>Folders and Teams > Admin Roster this will now download a roster in PDF form
# Save this and if you are on the Mac, get yourself a copy of PDFpen and have a scan of your signature somewhere.
# Open the roster with PDFPen and Choose File>Insert and find the JPG of your signature
# Choose Edit/Make Transparent and click on the white part of the scan and Make it transparent
# Move this down to the signature section and paste
# Click on the text tool and by the date, type in the date
# Now the trick, there is a bug in 3.5.1 of pdfpen, so you need to choose File/Print and select Save as PDF as the bottom to spit out a PDF
# Mail this to the coach.

Finding unverified participants

If you want to figure out all the unverified folks, you have to:

# Select the correct league on the left hand side. For instance Select teams
# Then choose run the following fields, first name, last name, registration category (this is GU-15), assignment (this is the team name)
# click on unverified and assigned to get everyone on a team who is without proof of age
# Sort by category, assignment

You will get lots of bad records if you don’t use the verified field, otherwise you will have the list of all the folks without birth certificates.

Soccer registration

Ok somehow I’m Noe a soccer registrar so here ate notes ok how to do it. Assuming you use Bonzi which is a soccer club manager. It’s a remarkable database with a terrible interface (and it’s Windows only).

In Bonzi there are four important concepts to understand otherwise you’ll never figure any of it out:

# League. Every year, there is a new top level folder. When you click on it, everything is enabled. There are within each year, two leagues, recreational and select. Beneath rec and select are the teams. When you click on a year or league, you are scoping down the searches you are doing. So if you click on 2008-2009’s Recreational, your queries will only ever look at those players.
# Participant. This means a child who has parents has registered him or her and has been _assigned_ to a team. Before you can play, a participant has to both have paid and also have been have their proof of age _verified_
# Member. Each parent that signs up is called a member as are the kids, so when you do a member search, what will pop up are all parent/guardians as well as a children and coaches. All of these are mixed together. This is a hierarchical database in that Bonzi likes two parents and a group of kids. It actually doesn’t work well for broken and remerged families because of course either parent might register. It also breaks when say the mom registers one year and the dad the next, then you end up with two kid registrations in the system. Bonzi has a merge function that lets you take kids and move them. This is probably Ok for married couples, but for separated families, it makes sense to have two records. In fact, it can get more complicated, if there is remarriage, then you can have up to up to four records (father, mother, step-father, step-mother, think about it).
# Coaches. These are also in the system as another attribute.

The essential job of the registrar is to drive three reports to zero exceptions for the kids and one report for the coach to zero exceptions. When a team does this, the registrar can print out a signed registration so that the coach can give it to the referee when they play a game:

h3. Participants Need Verified Proof of Age

Assigned participants who have not been verified. Every childproof age verification. Everyone needs to show a birth certificate or passport and on Bonzi you have to verify. Choose member verify and search ok last name when you get a birth certificate. To see which players have been assigned but not verified, you click on the appropriate league (rec or select of the current year) and choose participant/detailed report and then select assigned and unverified in the middle. The fields you want to print are: first name, last name, assignment (this is the team name) and then sort by assignment and last name. This will give you a list of unverified kids who are on teams. You can then choose email to nag all the parents to scan and email in their birth certificates and passports. For the teams that aren’t complete, you probably want to copy all the coaches, but I haven’t figured out a way for the coach to see the unverified report yet.

One very annoying thing is that if you have the report above saved, then the verified and assigned buttons are *not* sticky, so you have to reset them every time.

When the report does come out, if you choose email, then it will email everyone in a group email so that you can easily nag folks to get their birth certificates in. This doesn’t let you do it with the coaches, so you have to manually send to each team, what they owe as well.

h3. Assign all Members to be Team Participants

I need to figure out how to get a report of everyone who is register but unassigned

You can see who is unassigned by clicking on a league or team and click on edit/assign/participant. The numbers next to team like 3/10 mean 3 coaches and 10 players so it’s easy to see balance.

The teams vary in size, with U10 at 7 minimum and 10 maximum, U11 is 9 minimum and 14 maximum and U12 and above are 11 minimum and 18 maximum.

h3. All registrants need to Pay.

You can see everyone is registered and who needs to pay report. Click on the league and go to registration/registrant/confirm/all categories and shows all pending payments. You don’t assign unless you pay and you have a proof of age. These players should get an email. If they choose to pay by pending payment.

Click on the league then select reports/participants/detail reports. Click on unverified and assigned and sort by assignment (team) and last name. You can the choose email and send nag mail for folks without. run a report to figure out who has verified and is on a team assigned. need to figure put the exception report.

h3. Every Coach needs a form and an RMA

I haven’t figure out a report to print this out yet. But they need a washington state check called an RMA and a coach ethics form.

Every parent coach needs a washington state rma to show a clean record and a coaches form. To find a coach you click ok the league then choose registration/coach/find and you will see all the coaches. And click on paperwork yes. Then note the team and go to the team page and turn on coaches tool.

h3. If someone wants to drop

Then you don’t use the members button. You need to be ok a league and seacrh registration. Team is only thing that doesn’t turn on registration. And choose edit to find someone. Registration has much data. You can go to parents info and choosr edit and copy the name into your email Click ok registrant financial information and choose payment. Go to financial and choose refund and refund re entire the amount. The treasurer should really handle refunds directly in bonzi. Then click on rejected and click update status. This sends email to the parents and removes them from the team.

For coaches. Two reports
Paperwork and assigned

For scholarships. Registration/registrant/confirmed. Click on confirm and zero the check and check number. Toto their team and open up registration and go to financial I information. New payment or refund and adjustment and choose scholarship and the amount. And put hiwxrequesr in the comment field.

When a team is done. The you have to wait for the team manager to ask for a signed roster.

Meetings you need to go to