Samurai Noodle and Serious Pie

Abel introduced to me to “Samurai Noodle”: It is nearly impossible to find on the “reverse” side of Uwayjimaya. Really tasty and completely crowded with Japanese folks, so it must be good. The spicy chicken broth is amazing and you can order the ramen in three different ways, soft, medium and hard. Also the Samurai Armor is terrific. Gets you a boiled egg, really amazingly tendor pork. And if you run out of noodles, for $1.50, you get more 🙂 It’s pretty authentic tonkotsu ramen.

I thought “Serious Pie”: was a bakery for peach pies and things. Not! It’s a nice piece of pizza. Almost like what I remember eating on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Almost. Pretty good. Try the mozarella and tomato, the most authentic!

What is a parent does not have internet access

The entire registration system is online with Bonzi, unfortunately, there are still people who don’t have Internet access, so what are the choices. Well, there are two, have the person come by your office or home to do a registration with you.

A better one though is to recommend the person go to a nearby library. Libraries in Seattle and King County allow free internet access if you are a resident with a library card. So that’s the best choice.

Other registrars

There are always players switching or you are looking for verification of ages from other clubs. Capitol Hill’s nearest sisters are Mt. Baker and McGilvra clubs and their registrars are on “SYSA”: so you can contact them that way.

Also there is a Yahoo group that the Seattle registrar Bob keeps going. You can also go to that site and ask questions there.

Ikea Furniture

Here are some of the things that are amazing for a small business:

* “Galant Desk”: $200. Black-Brown. 63″x31.5″ (160cmx80cm). A-leg. In stock.
* Alternative is “Galant Oval Table”: $200. Glass top.
* “Galant Drawer unit”: On caters. 18 1/8×24 3/4″. In stock in Seattle. $160

Then in the living room and “Bar stools”:

* “Sebastian Bar Stool”: $60. Black and chrome plated. 29 1/8″. Suitable for 43 1/4″ bar height. Note this might be too high for the bar table mentioned.
* “Ektrop Tullsta Lounge Chair”: $149. Natural/ldemo beige. In stock
* “Karlstad”: Korndai brown. $379
* “UTBY Bar Table”: 24 3/4″ chairs. 47 1/4″ x 35 5/8″. $140.


Kids loved it and I’m getting over being hit in the throat from point blank (the 14 year old who did it still lives 🙂 Anyway, turns out quite a few “places”: and there is even a review site at

They also recommend some sites like Warpig

Driving to Jackson Hole

If you ever wanted to just enjoy the US countryside before gas is $10/gallon and we are all in electric cars, nows a good time. So, how to get from Seattle to Jackson Hole easily. It used to be hard, Mobil Travel Guides and so forth, but Google and Trip Advisor things are just so easy:

View Larger Map

What a trip, its 884 miles and nearly 587 miles are on I-90. So that’s long straight and square. Google says its a straight shot and just about half way through which Missoula.

Figuring out what is in Missoula leads you to “Trip Advisor on Missoula”:

Hat tip to Abel for this one, as I ride the bus more, here is a great way to see where the buses are in real time:

“Mybus”: is the top level page. Plug in a route number, get a list of all major stops for the route, then select your stop. I’ve bookmarked the following for the number 2 bus in seattle “”:

Each stop has a site ID, which can be used in a text messages, e.g., 3rd and Pike, send ‘2@316’ to ‘’ and await the txt response. Pretty useful tool!

Or you for instance 2@3916 which is at the end of the line “”:


Had a chance to look at a Snipe. Its a two person 15 1/2 foot long racing sailboat. The class started in 1931 and it is a nice one to race and hang out with. The folks at “Snipe444”: are great and there is a “boat”: for sale. It is boat 26752, I guess they are all numbered.

Boat #26752
All white with wood trim
Proctor miracle mast
Two mains, three jibs w/full length zipper bags
Pole launcher
Rudder cover
Board cover
Top cover
Very custom galvanized trailer with 12″ wheels
Weighs in at exact min. weight

Miracles of the Internet are that you can actually google:”snipe 26752″ and learn more about the actual boat and see lots more boats listed in the “Snipe US”: classifieds to get a feel for the costs:

| Year | Builder | Price |
| 2004 | Persson | $7900 |
| 2003 | Jibe Tech | $7500 |
| 2002 | Skipper | $6500 |
| 2000 | Jibe Tech | $6500 |
| 1998 | Persson | $5000 |
| 1988 | Phoenix | $4600 |
| 1987 | McLaughlin | $2500 |
| 1982 | Mclaughlin | $1400 |

It is confusing because there are many different makers and you can see the costs differ alot.

The other amazing thing is that boat 26752 has an older listing, so you can see who owned it before and how much was paid

SCIRA: Snipe Used Boat List 2002

#26752 McLaughlin built in 1989. Sailed very little and in excellent condition. Stored for the last 5 years under roof, covered and not sailed. 2 centerboards, brand new seitech dolly, brand new trailer(registered), three suits of sails available, and new cover. Located in Oakland, CA. 925-766-9346 or Asking $3,200.00 willing to deliver down south. April 2002

So $2500 now isn’t so bad.

And you can also see its racing results again from various sites in “Willamette in 2003”:, “Whiskeytown in 2007”:, Columbia Gorge in “2002”:

So what is a McLaughlin, well “Mike McLaughlin”: wrote a guide in 1994 that helps, he actually built the boat and also made Chubasco and Eclipse. Says that the Chubasco can get soft and overweight. If a boat is more than five pounds overweight then it may be the PVC is absorbing water.

Google Apps

We’ve been trying to figure out the right way to do email and synchronize Calendars. Maybe Google is the right way to do it on the backend?

The candidates are:

* Exchange. This is trusty and reliable. The main issue is do we have to run our own Exchange and Blackberry Servers or do the hosted solutions work. We are trying Applix now and tried Intermedia before, although never got Intermedia Blackberry to quite work. Main question is how well will Apple’s direct sync with Exchange work with iPhones.
* Kerio. This is a Mac application that has third party Blackberry integration we need to try. The main issue is how address book synchronization is done, you have to use Apple iSync which is scary given all the problems we’ve had with it.
* Google. The dark horse. They now have manual synce of calendar with Blackberry so less convenient. On the other hand, they do sync with Outlook. Again manually. So maybe a decent solution.