Sending Text messages to China

Skype claims they do it, but it seems unreliable. You can send for big dollars from AT&T cell phones, but is there a way to do it for free?

Shanghaiist: China Mobile launches new IM: Free SMS

For a limited time, China Mobile (all you 134-139, 158, 159 people) is offering free SMS service with just one string attached: download its new instant messenger client, 飞信/Feixin/Fetion (Chinese for “flymail”). 飞信/Feixin/Fetion is the site. It is PC only though.

Phone Card, Cellular (Cell) Phone Mobile Phone Short Message Service (SMS)

With an eCallChina Account, you can apparently from their website also do this.

* Get order history (PIN#)
* Send mobile phone short message to China

Free SMS text messages from your iPhone and iPhone 3G!

Here’s an interesting way to use your mobile email application to send and receive free SMS text messages without AT&T’s help:

* Create a new email
* The “To:” field should be filled out with your SMS text message target’s phone number followed by “” Something like this –
* Tap out your text message and send it out.
* The message will be sent to the phone number that you entered preceding “”
* Any text message replies will be sent to your email address.

Free SMS text messages from your iPhone and iPhone 3G!

Alternatively, you can use the TxtDrop web-app to send free SMS text messages. Simply point your iPhone Safari browser to go about your merry text messaging way! [This only works for US and there is no way to receive]

Fring lets you call from iPod Touch or iPhone over Skype

Fring Enables VoIP Calls Over Wi-Fi for iPhone with Skype Support – Mac Rumors

Can call directly using iPhone to another person with iPhone running Fring
– Call MSN or Skype users that are using their computer
– Call using Skype account, which allows you to have your own Skype number and at a discount rate for international calls
– Receive phone calls using Skype with your own custom Skype number
– Basic chat functions with most chat platforms, such as AIM, Yahoo and ICQ

Mass Delete Skype Contacts

I’m an idiot, I imported 7000 contacts into Skype. I know, I should have just allowed things to be seen. There is no documented way to delete contact except one by one. The problem is that it is not clear how to select all contacts. Here is how you do it:

# Click on the contact group list.
# There is no command for this, you just have to know it is Command-A or Ctrl-A on the PC to select all the contacts. With 7000 contacts, it will take about 2 minutes.
# Then all the Edit menu items are greyed out so it appears that you are stuck. But in fact, if you hit the Delete Key, then you can delete all the contacts.

The main issue is that I’m a dummy and expect that everything that can be done with shortcut keys is on the menus so I was expecting to see both Edit/Select all which isn’t there and also Edit/Delete to be active instead of greyed. You are warned, don’t import contacts, just click on View Address Book.

Performance will be way better. With 7000 contacts, Skype is regularly spinning for 10 minutes at 100% talking with its servers. Right now the 7000 contact delete is still going on after five minutes with the processor running maxed.

Skype Community > How to completely delete a contact list ?

Ctrl+A selects all your contacts and then just delete them

Maybe Apple fixes the MacBook Air video issues

You can only hope. Right now, you can’t even playback a YouTube video without the processor overheating and making it obsolete.

Apple Releases MacBook Air Software Update to Address Video Playback – Mac Rumors

This update is recommended for all MacBook Air computers, and addresses issues with video playback and processor core idling.
Third-party software that modifies processor operating characteristics such as frequency and voltage is not supported and should be removed before installing this update.

Hey this seems to really work. Instead one processor shutting down and becoming unusable, it looks like things slow down. For instance using Skype, before, I would get 320×480 video but one processor would stop and things slow. Now I get vmuch slower 160×120 video at 4 fps but it keeps running. Thanks Apple!