Mac Mail has stuck messages in Outbox

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The problem is a corrupt Outbox. I read about this on
the ATT trouble shooting site. Delete the Outbox and
mail will create a new one. This solved my problem with
email sitting the Outbox forever and never being sent.
To be safe, I dragged my Outbox to a different location,
then started mail. Problem solved!

The Outbox is found: Users/YourName/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Outbox.mbox

MacBook Air unexpectedly logs out

When I leave my MacBook Air overnight to say do a Time Capsule, I see that it will log itself out unexpectedly and automatically. Kind of wierd, my MacBook Pro doesn’t do that. Some users are having the same issue with the “Mac Mini”: and the only real diagnosis is:

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One thing I think is worth doing is looking in the logs on the system for entries after this has happened. Logs entries are often hard to interpret and can be very misleading, but opening Console (in Applications>Utilities) after a software crash of this sort will often yield at least some clues in entries from the time of the event.

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That said, I suspect there may be a relatively simple cause of the problem in the case you describe. There could be nothing much more than a permissions or prebinding issue on the system. I would use one of the simple ‘cache cleaning’ type utilities such as YASU ( set it to all tasks and then close everything else down until it’s finished. That would deal with any incorrect permissions, out of data prebinding, and a host of other minor ailments that can cause apparently quite serious system instabilities. After that, favorite would be a broken property list file or a damaged or conflicted font.

Reset iCal and Entourage

I’ve had terrible problems with both iCal and Entourage. With iCal, I first tried to use Google Calendar and then started deleting excessive calendars. Then, when I rebooted, I discovered that I couldn’t see any calendars and also that when I tried to add another calendar with New calendar, iCal just hung.

First thing to do when this happens is to start the Console (go to spotlight at upper right and type _console_ and in the search box, type “ical”. I saw right away there was an “Coredata uncaught exception” so something was wrong. A little research showed Coredata are the internal Apple library for managing databases, so it sure feels like a database corruption. First thing to do is to try to reset iCal

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How do I completely reset iCal? I want a really clean startup situation as if iCal has never run on this account. I tried:

rm -rf ~/Library/{Caches,Caches/Metadata,Preferences,Application\ Support}/*iCal*

but when I start iCal after that I get still a calendar mentioned (which I created a while back but is empty) besides Home and Work. I tried removing as above and logging out and in but that also did not work

Unfortunately, this is not quite correct. There is another database called ~/Library/Calendars which is your list of all calendar data. This what was corrupt which is why there was no left pane. There is a problem. Delete these many files and all is really reset.

Now Entourage somehow decided to take one recurring Birthday and make it a daily event spanning 46 years and then repeat that every year. Didn’t appear in Exchange, so this was something in the Entourage not liking what it saw in Exchange. Solution is to complete wide Entourage. Even a database rebuild (in Spotlight, search for Microsoft Database Utility) didn’t help. So you have to go to Account Settings and delete the offending and reinstall. Also delete in ~/Library/Microsoft all the Entourage databases.

Airport Firmware 7.3.2 Problems

Apple just release “7.3.2”: which is an update for the firmware and the airport utility running on Macs and Windows. Not clear what it has besides bug fixes.

As with most Airport Extreme and Time Capsule fixes, it isn’t seemless. “Pokrface”: has problems with it hanging the access points. Going back to 7.3.1 fixed that problem, but the issue appears to be with locking the Ethernet WAN port to 1000/full. The default is autodetect which should work most of the time. This causes the Airport Utility to hang while reading configuration.

“Yves Nadon and others”: also reports that his Airport Utility refuses to recognize his Airport Extreme. It also hangs with a “Reading Configuration” message and you get an flashing amber light. So a reset and return to 7.3.1 if you have this issue. Also many times, you have to manual power cycle (that is pull the plug and have it start again after you upgrade the firmware). As with the note agove me7486 has figured out this has to do with the WAN or uplink connection. RJW365 reports that he manually uninstalled the utility on his Mac and this seemed to work. Some had to factory rest their Airport Extreme. You do this by disconneciton power and pushing in the tiny reset button on the back when you connect the power cord and keep holdin it until the light flashes fast.

Here is how you reset at Apple – Support – Discussions – Problems with 7.3.2 …

Start Airport Utility, select your airport (do not double click) and press the button labeled in the main window. After “Reading airport configuration” the summary page should show. Go to the menubar and select the menu item named “Base Station”, select “Upload Firmware” from the menu list. A window showing Current version (7.3.2) and Upload Version (7.3.2) should appear. If you have the 7.3.1 firmware stored on your airport you can just select it from the pop-up list and press “ok”. If not you’ll have to select “Check for updates” from the “Airport Utility” menu while pressing the key (on windows, the key). This will allow you to download an earlier firmware version. I’d recommend that you use a wired connection to the airport when performing this.

MacBook Air SuperDrive jammed and will not eject so shake it!

Hat tip to “TUAW”: apparently, “Tnkgrl”: has figured out how to open up a Superdrive, replace a part and thus make it universally compatible with all computers. Great geekout. OTOH, why go to all the trouble :-)? The “photos”: are really useful so you can disassemble it. The short version is the black bottom comes out if you slip a credit card in the seam. Then you can look the LEDs and see if the drive is lighting up. (Mine was). In the end, I shook it enough that it seemed to unjam the drive. So give that a try before returning.

Some other tricks are noted below that are software related

The short story is that although some folks think it is incompatible with other computers because it needs more current (1 amp is needed to burn, although much less to read). There isn’t specail firmware either. You can take apart the SuperDrive and mount it into a PC and it works fine. What happened is Apple hacked into the IDE-to-USB bridge and make special firmware. The slime!

“Apple Discussions”: has other frustrated people with the same problem. Apple – Support – Discussions – Disc stuck into superdrive AND won’t …

I have just bought a MBA. I managed to install windows ans other software through the superdrive. Now I’ve just put a DVD into it to watch a movie and it got stuck into the superdrive. I browsed on the forum, tried to reboot while holding the trackpad button but the disc is still stuck… at rebooting the superdrives “becomes alive” but it looks like it has no force to eject it (and I have tried rebooting both with and without the power cable connected to MBA)

There is a rumor that holding the mouse button down while it reboots will work. Also that holding down the “C” key when booting might help.

Now here is what I think it happening, it is trying to eject (you can hear the drive spinning and it trying to hiccup). Apple – Support – Discussions – Disc stuck into superdrive AND won’t …

Does it sound Like it’s trying to eject? These new SDs are so thin that it is common for them to get out of alignment. The DVD rubs against the top of the case and stops ejecting. It happens often on the MacBooks and maybe this is the case with the USB drive.

With the aluminum MacBook Pros Apple ships a spatula to adjust the case. It’s under warranty so you should take it back in any case.

As an aside one strange thing is the drive doesn’t appear at all in the “System Profiler”: and they also suggest resetting your “PRAM”: or “PMU”: Most folks are just replacing the SuperDrives though on MacBook Pros as this example shows.

Apple Airport Utility 5.3.2

Good news is that the 5.3.2 update looks like it is OK to take for the Airport Utility. Also I’m now using Entourage 2008 and Excel 2008 and that looks like most problems are fixed as well

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Airport Utility 5.3.2 is quite harmless. More people having problem with OS X 10.5.3 update, which is making the AirDisk very slow and unresponsive. I end up re-formating the USB hard disk to solve the problem.

Rosewill RC-605 problems

I got this Rosewill eSATA so I could plug fast drives into my MacBook Pro. Well, like lots of third party stuff it doesn’t really work. It is faster though, but you can only plug one drive in. At least for me. There are lots of issues with the driver apparently as Silicon Image is a low cost provider and they are not focused on the Mac market. Sigh, so I guess back to USB 2.0 you go…See below

SATA, eSATA and Seagate Drive problems – Topic Powered by eve community

From Firmtek support:

– Both Seagate FreeAgent and WD My Book are essentially same drives from SATA interface point of view. While internally each company is using own mechanism, the SATA electronics communicating with the outside world appears to be made by the same manufacturer both Seagate and WDC did contract to do the external box design. It does not appear to be Seagate or WDC.

– The SATA interface of both VIOLATES the SATA protocol, not supporting certain mandatory commands.

– There is a further issue, which prevents the said drives work properly with ANY of SATA controller we are aware of on the Mac. There is an exception: any SiliconImage 3132 or 3124-based controller (ours is based on SiliconImage 3132) will work: as long as the driver of Silicon Image (manufaturer of the chipset) is used instead of any other driver. That driver has some shortcomings:

– it emulates SCSI over SATA instead of using Apple’s
– it does not support S.M.A.R.T.
– it does not have bootability provision

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So far I have only been able to get it to mount as an eSata drive via the ExpressCard if I have the card plugged into the laptop and the drive fully connected to the card and laptop (USB power and eSata connection to the card), when the system boots up.

Other than that, it mostly shows up under /Volumes with intermittent amount of data inside (sometimes the root directories, other times nothing).

I’ve also gotten a good number of kernel panics with the stack trace indicating the Sil3132 1.1.9 driver as a cause.

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While Silicon
Image, Inc. notes support for 10.4, we’re now working to complete
qualification with Leopard 10.5.