Powerpoint shortcuts

Here is the official list to learn. The main difference is Option is used instead of ctrl which is a little wierd since there is a CTRL key on modern mac systems:

Help and How-To for Microsoft for Mac Office Products | Mactopia

PowerPoint keyboard shortcuts

Here are the keys ones I useHelp and How-To for Microsoft for Mac Office Products | Mactopia

One character to the left


One character to the right


One line up


One line down


To the beginning of a word or one word to the left


One word to the right


To the end of a line


To the beginning of a line


To the beginning of a paragraph or up one paragraph


Down one paragraph


To the end of a text box


To the beginning of a text box


MacBook Air unexpectedly logs out

When I leave my MacBook Air overnight to say do a Time Capsule, I see that it will log itself out unexpectedly and automatically. Kind of wierd, my MacBook Pro doesn’t do that. Some users are having the same issue with the “Mac Mini”:http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=7766844 and the only real diagnosis is:

Apple – Support – Discussions – Mac Mini unexpectedly logs out. …

One thing I think is worth doing is looking in the logs on the system for entries after this has happened. Logs entries are often hard to interpret and can be very misleading, but opening Console (in Applications>Utilities) after a software crash of this sort will often yield at least some clues in entries from the time of the event.

Apple – Support – Discussions – Mac Mini unexpectedly logs out. …

That said, I suspect there may be a relatively simple cause of the problem in the case you describe. There could be nothing much more than a permissions or prebinding issue on the system. I would use one of the simple ‘cache cleaning’ type utilities such as YASU (http://jimmitchell.org/projects/yasu/) set it to all tasks and then close everything else down until it’s finished. That would deal with any incorrect permissions, out of data prebinding, and a host of other minor ailments that can cause apparently quite serious system instabilities. After that, favorite would be a broken property list file or a damaged or conflicted font.

AT&T Pay As You Go works with iPhone 3G

Well, if you are a massive data user, the iPhone 3G makes a lot of sense. But what if you want the nice iPhone interface but don’t want to pay the incredibly high $30/month data charges, what do you do. Well, some choices are:

# Get a iPhone first generation on the “grey market”. Yes it will cost you $500, but after a year, that’s way cheaper than the $200 plus $360/month. You don’t get 3G
# Figure out how to get pay as you go to work…The short note is that there are two data plans for the first generation “phone”:http://www.tuaw.com/2007/09/24/prepaid-data-packages-and-the-iphone/ which is a 1MB $5 dataplan and a 5MB $10 MediaNet. These last 30 days and roll over month to month up to 15MB if you renew every month. There is also a messaging plan that takes the SMS message rate $0.15/month ripoffs that are the rack rate. The main issue is that there is no warning when you blow through your data plan and you start paying ridiculous rack rates for data. Also bizarrely, you can add up to 3 data plans, so you can get 30MB/month and they rollover, if you roll over any one of them.
# AT&T Pick Your Plan. This is entirely different from Pay as You Go, Go Phone. It does allow unlimited data for $20/month like the regular prepay plans. So you are not saving anything. In this case what you do is get an iPhone, hactivate it under 1.0.4 which means you don’t get any 2.x features and you are “off to the races”:http://www.tuaw.com/2008/05/12/finally-a-data-only-iphone-plan-for-20-month/
# It is a little wierd, but to get a pay as you go, you actually buy an entire “phone”:http://www.tuaw.com/2008/09/13/confirmed-3g-iphone-works-out-of-the-box-with-payg/ which cost $80 but includes a $100 data card, so you get 5 months of 3G data and a free phone. Of course, how did you get the iPhone 3G in the first place. You have to get the iPhone 3G already activate. For instance in Singapore, they require a 2 year commitment but the phone is at least sold unlocked.

Confirmed: 3G iPhone works out of the box with PAYG – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

a completely virgin iPhone 3G works out of the box with AT&T Pay As You Go SIMs.

iPhone 3G voicemail

The only thing wierd is setting up voicemail doesn’t work as expected. You’d think that hitting the voicemail button would send you to setup, but it does nothing out of the box. To fix, you actually have to call yourself and set it up. Strangely out of sync with a simple out of the box experience.

Re: iPhone 3G voicemail and data problems – Apple – Wireless Forums from AT&T

1) From the iPhone, I called my own phone number.
2) After being prompted to setup my voicemail, I went ahead and went through the setup and then disconnected the call.
3) After doing this the voicemail button on the iPhone still didn’t do anything, so I thought it didn’t work.
4) Called my iphone and left myself a voicemail. Within a few minutes my iphone showed a voicemail message was there. Then when I clicked the voicemail button it did work. Maybe the voicemail button doesn’t work unless you have a message?