Wow it does get hot here. Over 40C (104F). I don’t know how people play tennis in this kind of weather. The Crown Towers is pretty nice. Was top readers choice in Australia/Pacific in 2007. The Qantas flight was nearly a nightmare. The Airbus 380 needed a new part. So they delayed it from 11:15PM […]


It used to be that the main game in town for a compact SLR was the D40x and the Nikon 18-200 superzoom. Now the market has caught up and both Canon as well as Sigma and Tamron have shipped superzooms. So if you have a subframe camera, what’s a good choice? Well, unfortunately, if you […]


I’ve been using DxO for a while now as a RAW converter mainly to handle vignetting, but also for things like highlight recovery. The 4.0 version was great, but the new 5.0 has had lots of bugs, so I haven’t upgraded. Now with a new Canon EOS 5D Mark II, I have to do something […]

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