nLyrics, iTunes, iChat, gTalk, Friendfeed, Twitter, Facebook, Tongfamily run amuck

No, I haven’t lost my mind, but had to share since I’ve had about 10 people ask me what’s going on. Sorry about all the random entries in friendfeed, twitter, facebook and For the geeks, read on. Here is the chain: nLyrics is this great plug in for getting lyrics to songs kareoke style […]

Survival Phrases

Linguanaut is an easy site for learning simple phrases so you aren’t a complete alien when traveling. Here are some for Japanese: English Greetings Japanese Greetings: Hi! Yaa. *1   やあ。 Good morning! Ohayou gozaimasu.   おはようございます。 Good evening! Konbanw   こんばんは。 Welcome! (to greet someone) Youkoso irasshai mashita.   ようこそいらっしゃいました。 How are you? Ogenki desuka?   お元気ですか? I’m fine, thanks! Watashi wa genki desu. […]

Comscore top installed

Tapulous’s Tap Tap Revenge Has Been Downloaded by 1 out of 3 iTunes Application Users – MarketWatch Here’s a list by Game, penetration of installed base and the developer Tap Tap Revenge 32% Games Tapulous, Inc. Backgrounds 27% Entertainment Stylem MediaTouch Hockey: FS5 26% Games FlipSide5, Inc.Facebook 26% Social Networking Facebook, Inc.Pac-Man 24% Games Namco […]

Latest music…

Hey as a closet hip hop fan, check out Lady GaGa (which is a way better name than Stefani Joanne Angelin Germonotta. She was discover by one of my favorite singers Akon. Wrote songs for Pussycat Dolls. Apparently the genre is glam-rock whatever that is but reminds folks of Bowie and Queen. Mainly reminds me […]

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