VEX robotic kit

If you want the ultimate in geekdom, get the Vex Robotis kits. They are expensive, but a good deal if you know you love making robots. The part numbers that are the best deals are: VEX-CLASS-1. This is the complete kit that gives you remote control and also a microcontroller so you can program the […]

iPhone SMS debugging

iPhoneCodes – iphone-elite – List of codes found in CommCenter – Project Hosting on Google Code Any command can be preceded by *#, ** or ##. *# is INTERROGATION.** is SETUP.## is CANCEL / DELETE. *#5005*78283# This dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ – Note 1**5005*78283# This dumps a baseband log in /Library/Logs/Baseband/ – Note […]

TuneWiki is amazing

This thing really works. Karaoke on your iPHone. I’m actually amazing by how nice the application is. TuneWiki for iPhone and iPod Touch | TuneWiki Tunewiki is the first media player ever to combine music, videos, community and legal lyrics for free! In this document we will guide you through all the screens and features […]

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