Mac pricing search

Here are lowest prices so far. No word on how reliable these are. MacBook. 2.26GHz. $899 from Onsale ($999 Street) MacBook Air. 1.86GHz. $1400 vs. $1500 from MacMall iMac 27″. 2.66GHz Quad. $1790 vs. $1999 from ClubMac AppleInsider | Mac Pricing Matrix: Find the best prices on Macs AppleInsider’s Mac Pricing Matrix aims to make […]


I have one of these things but never really used it that much. Mainly because TiVo Transfer is very buggy on the Mac and it is hard to program because you have to be right there. Some solutions for both. TiVo Transfer is replaced by iTiVo and i.TV lets you program your TiVo remotely. TiVo […]

Apple hits again

Cool product intros today in order of coolness: $1000 MacBook is polycarbonate but with glass LED screen and 7 hour battery. Man, what else makes sense to get  Magic Mouse now has a multitouch interface like the iPod Touch and iPhone. Cool gestures iMac 27″ now has the Intel i5 which of course has 4 […]

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