Avis discount codes

Avis Discount Codes – Page 66 – FlyerTalk Forums Avis AWD’s for the U.S. (and if noted, international, too!)A074800 – Citicorp Leisure TravelA108300 – Cosco – international, too!A113400 – Florida Empolyee (proof required)A153700 – Avis Employer (DO NOT USE!!!) – NOTE: A153700-A153799 will always be questioned !!!A177232 – Citifinancial – international, too!A177232 – USAA frequent […]

Cute Nicknames

Here are some cute Chinese nicknames of Athletes http://www.nba.com/features/chinese_playenicknames_070329.html Team Player Chinese Nickname Translation of Chinese Nickname Explanation Chicago Ben Wallace 大本钟 (Da Ben Zhong) Big Ben Wallace’s size and ability to defend Cleveland Zydrunas Ilgauskas 大 Z ( Da Z ) Big Z Da means “big” and Z is the first letter of his […]


Previously mentioned Songbird, the open source, Mozilla-powered, supposedly iTunes-killing media player has updated to 1.4.2, bringing a host of new features, including AAC metadata support, a new feather (skin), CD ripping, and support for many mass storage devices. Apart from the snazzy new purple feather, the biggest features in this release are definitely CD ripping […]

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