Ski reviews

Now that ski season is nominally ending (even though Crystal is knee deep in powder with 12″ last night and 10″ the night before), time to take advantage of the close outs. Here’s a list of the mid-fats to drool over: 88mm crazy. The entry level mid fats including my own (sigh) Fischer Watea 84s…Here […]

Free deals

OK, these will probably evaporate soon, but reports: If you text “yes” to 11113020 you will get 1000 free rollover minutes from AT&T Mobility If you enter your Amex card number you will get five free iTunes songs. If you are an Amex platinum user, then you sign up for an airline (like United) and […]

Vuescan tips

OK, here are some great tips I’ve found. In random order: Vuescan for the Mac actually works well, but has glitches. The main issue is that sometimes it gets the colors all wrong even though the prescan looks good. The solution is to restart you Mac and then the colors are right. Vuescan also hangs […]

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