Cool apps

Thanks to the iPhone and Android, it seems like the application market has reawakened, but PC Magazine et al don’t seem that good at doing reviews. Lifehacker actually has a pretty good list of top utility applications. Mac Here is my list culled from them and what I use: VLC. The best all around video […]

iPhone gloves

OK when you are skiing, how do you actually get to type without taking off all your gloves. The answer are glove liners that have conductive tips. There are a sea of these things and they can be everything from overpriced to reasonable. $10 seems like the usual, so there isn’t much of a premium […]

Best PCs

Right now if you can hang on, wait for the new Intel processors that are coming in April. But if you can’t wait, CNet has a pretty good list:   ‘re looking for. Apple MacBook Pro Fall 2011 Best mainstream laptop  A MacBook Pro is a significant investment, especially when adding in optional upgrades. Cost […]

2012 Cars

Well eventually all cars fail, and what a difficult year it is to buy a new car. There is so much innovation happening in the car business right now, it is hard to believe and so many new models for 2012. So the big decision is essentially, what to do until those come out and […]

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