Home Audio

Well, things are well on the way to getting the home theater up to speed (mainly by using iPad applications and AppleTVs to control things), so now onto home audio. There is also a big change here: Airport Express. This is a $99 device that pushes out just audio. It is perfect for attaching existing […]

Disneyland galore

Well haven’t been down to Disneyland in years, so interesting to see how things have changed. Last time it was a blizzard of fast passes and early entry as well as single rider lines. According to Trip AdvisorĀ things haven’t really changed much, but here is the scoop: There are two parks there. California Adventure and […]

Vacuum cleaners

When outfitting the house years ago, I literally went through consumer reports looking for things and picked up a highly rated upright from Sears. Now the little blinky light is flashing and i”m thinking, have I ever changed the bag? Can’t remember even how to open it. But full it looks. So thanks to the […]

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