Somehow I found myself doing a wedding shoot. How unqualified can I be, but in doing this, I’ve discovered I need quite a few more special effects and so here is the search: Sepia and Black & White. A trick that many folks use that can make people look way better is to go to […]

Deep in photos and jpgs

OK, did a 360 panaroma view with Hugin. Pretty amazing quality. As a side note Photoshop has a JPG compressor. There are three entries, Standard, Standard optimized and progressive. Pick standard (optimized is actually higher compression apparently) for most compatibility, optimized makes slightly smaller ones. I’ve actually found the difference between standard and optimized to […]

Do Not Call

Working at home today and amazed that despite the fact that i’ve used the site, I’m still getting robocalls. Tried to reregister there and I’m only allowed three phone numbers per email. So instead, it says, call 888-382-1222 and they will add you to list. Good luck!

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