iDevice speakers

Wireless speakers. Now that the 30-pin connector is dead, seems like wireless speakers are going to be more and more important. If you just want a local solution then you can use Bluetooth adapters to connect any speaker set Belkin makes one for $25. Airplay actually works better because you can communicate on Wifi. We use […]

Apple notes

Few quick things about Apple: Well it turns out that the “Fusion” drive technology works old Macs and across any SSD and any hard drive if you create a proper “storage” group with diskutil command line. Also you can use ZFS on top of it. Of course I can’t figure out how to ZFS (no […]

Redesigned iMac is 5mm thin with edge-to-edge glass

Wow, this was really cool. New iPad (with A6), iPad Mini (7″ no matter what Steve Jobs said), MacBook Pro 13 with Retina (drool, drool), but the coolest thing is a 5mm thick 27″ computer. I want one! Apple’s industry-leading iMac desktop received a major update on Tuesday, with newest all-in-one design featuring a form-factor […]


Well if you are in the market now, things are pretty good. You can get a really nice TV for well less than $500. 3DTV Buying Guide and seems like a pretty good resource for this. But basically, if you are buying a new screen, given the small premiums, it makes sense to get something that […]

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