Camera News

Well, here are some of the cool facts for this week. It is literally raining amazing cameras as everyone is making the transition to 4K and the low end gets better, so here are the cameras to drool over: Sony RX-100 Mark III. For $800, this has got to be pretty much the perfect camera […]

Sublime Ninja Keyboard Shortcuts

You can’t really be a good developer if you ever have to use the mouse. I can do this for vi (yuck!), but not for sublime, so here goes. BTW, this page is broken because you can’t just copy and paste. As explains, here is a map and the unicode mapping is And […]

It's raining Minolta SR-T 101 and 102s and Rokkor MC and MD lenses

Wow, I love eBay there are so many of these cameras around and there are quite a few that are refurbished and even have guarantees. Pacific Rim Camera seems like a good seller. They have 44K ratings (?!!) and specialize in vintage equipment. Plus, they tell you exactly what works and doesn’t work. The SR-T […]

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