4K gaming requires nVidia 980 slip

Well, Cyber Monday is nearly here and while I haven’t finished the post of Haswell processors, given that a Haswell Cube would be all about gaming, its a good question to ask about monitors and displays. Right now the state of the art is: 1080p (aka 1920×1080, aka HD). Not surprisingly the most mature, you […]

Wow real reliability data and hard disk purchase analysis

I was a little surprised to see this, but Backblaze (hat tip to Anandtech) is publishing detailed information on drive failures. Up to 15% annual failure rate(?!!) on Seagates and they provide model numbers too. Interesting to see a desktop drive do very well (HGST 7K4000, $185 Amazon) at 1.4% in a data center setting […]

Grokking Snowmix

This is another amazing tool that complements gstreamer. It lets you mix audio and video feeds quickly and easily and most importantly dynamically without having to write programs. Here are some notes from the wiki, the discussion group there,  but mainly by looking at the sample snowmix ini files in the Snowmix/ini directory: This doesn’t […]

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