Best monitors

Well the monitor world is actually moving pretty quickly these days with the transition to 4K monitors well in swing and prices dropping, here are recommendations from Tom’s Hardware for good, better and best in the office. The biggest caveat is that you have to get a mini-Displayport to Displayport connector to see 4K at […]

Git hygiene

Well I’ve been using git for (three?) years now and this last week I made three horrible mistakes by accidentally pushing to master and also merging when I didn’t mean to. This happens much more often when I use multiple machines at home and at work. So here’s to better git hygiene for all: All […]

BMD4064UC settings and the new 43 inch monitor from Phillips BDM4350UC

We’ve been using with great success the 40″ Philips BDM4064UC monitor. It is 4K and it is terrific for writing software. You can have a huge number of terminals open which is just great. The price is quite high. About $800 and now about $700. The other thing that is great about that monitor is […]

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