4K Content

Wow the world has really improved. Three years ago you had to get a dedicated 4K playback thingy from Sony to watch UltraHD content. Now life is way simpler. Let’s start with the easy stuff and then move on to the tougher stuff Movies (a first start) There’s a great movie guide at 4K.com, but […]

Storing high resolution photos backup on Amazon, share on iCloud

Well Facebook sharing is cool but limited in resolution. What if you want to share the high resolution images? TL;dr Amazon Prime now offers unlimited high resolution storage for five family members. It’s sort of free if ur amazon anyway  Two sort of good choices: Apple iCloud (for low resolution only but essentially unlimited) and […]


(another break from the political news) Well we’ve had two of them break in the last six months, so time to actually spend some time shopping for the. Three big sources are Amazon reviews (I know they are biased for small things, but people do not often give away microwaves for reviews ;-), Wirecutter’s home […]

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