Vim pathogen updates and switching to vim-plug

I had not realized it, but while pathogen is pretty awesome for managing bundles, it doesn’t have any update mechanism, so you have to recurl the ~/vim/autoload/plug.vim and also do a git pull for all your ~/vim/bundles which is kind of a pain. Maybe time to switch vim bundlers and folks like vim-plug and vundle particularly vim-plug. These […]

Beware your Amazon Prime billing is handled differently than your regular orders

I didn’t realize this and the wrong card got charged for the annual Amazon Prime membership. Make sure you have the right one at Amazon Prime page, this is not the same as your regular orders page. You also want to turn on renewal reminders as well so you can look at it before it […]

Annoying but strange difference between Excel and google Sheets

With Excel when you want to concatenate strings you just use the overloaded plus sign, so =A3 + ” Hello” whould add the string hello to whatever is in cell A3. With Google Sheets, this doesn’t work, you need the use the ampersand, so =A3 & ” Hello” makes sense given the different heritages. One is from […]

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