The Forbidden Kingdom (aka the Monkey King retold)

_Sorry for the strange post yesterday, WordPress configuration error in wp_config.php_ “The Forbidden Kingdom”: (功夫之王 gong1 fu1 zhi1 wang2 or Kung Fu’s King) is now showing. Its a rip off of the Monkey King (“孙悟空”: sun2 wu3 kong4) from Journey to the West (“西游记”: xi1 you2 ji4,lit. western travel story). Made me really nostalgic for […]

WordPress not displaying Chinese correctly

I thought it was Scribefire, but it looks like “WordPress”: has a configuration problem in displaying Chinese correctly. Apparently, with “Fantastico”: there are two lines int he wp-config.php file for DB_CHARSET and DB_COLLATE that have to be removed. This seems to apply to WordPress 2.2 but my new WordPress 2.5 had this problem as well, […]


OK, finally flopped Nextgen Gallery for ZenPhoto even though I can’t get the widget to work. But, let’s try integration. First, you should see a “Photos”: button now at the top. You do need a password to see anything though 🙂 But to get it to actually integrate into the blog is the trick. First […]

WordPress Widgets

Quick review of widgets and WordPress. BTW, does anyone think the WordPress 2.5 is confusing compared with 2.3? sticking the really important plugins and settings to the right to be confusing and there are so many entries under Manage it makes no sense to me. h2. Thumbs up: * WordPress Auto Update. Hey every program […]

Lost my old site…

WordPress seems to hide old files of mine, so although I have my complete MovableType site, when I type for instance “”:, even though the file is there, I get a 404 not found. This seems to a problem with rewrite rules as changing thename to mt.index.html lets you see the file fine. In looking […]

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