Two years ago a dear friend gave me the gift of really listening to lyrics. In my current mood I’ve been listening to lots of Fort Minor, Lifehouse, Linkin Park and Beyonce. I love the fact that Fort Minor is really Mike of Linkin Park fame doing rap. So here are things to listen to: […]

DVD Backup

Well the world is moving on to Blu-ray and I’ll have to get one of these bad boys at some point (and replace my whole television too, the lovely 250kg monster that it is). In the meantime, backing up DVDs and so forth goes on. Here’s the workflow I use. Its a little old these […]

New Music

!>! Hey I’m not on the board anymore, but Bob has done an incredible job with “Nutsie”: It works on the Mac, upload your iTunes playlist (not the songs), it then plays them for you in a random shuffle and recommends new songs for you based on it.

mp3 tagger

OK, I use Tritag for making my mp3s have nice tags, but it doesn’t have either lyric finding or artwork finding. “”: if you can believe it actually has a review of all Mac based MP3 taggers (talk about narrowcasting). Here are some good recommendations: “MP3-Info”: This lets you right click and look at tags, […]

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