Two years ago a dear friend gave me the gift of really listening to lyrics. In my current mood I’ve been listening to lots of Fort Minor, Lifehouse, Linkin Park and Beyonce. I love the fact that Fort Minor is really Mike of Linkin Park fame doing rap. So here are things to listen to: […]

New Music

!>! Hey I’m not on the board anymore, but Bob has done an incredible job with “Nutsie”: It works on the Mac, upload your iTunes playlist (not the songs), it then plays them for you in a random shuffle and recommends new songs for you based on it.

mp3 tagger

OK, I use Tritag for making my mp3s have nice tags, but it doesn’t have either lyric finding or artwork finding. “”: if you can believe it actually has a review of all Mac based MP3 taggers (talk about narrowcasting). Here are some good recommendations: “MP3-Info”: This lets you right click and look at tags, […]

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