Future Web Platforms: From LAMP to where?

Tongfamily.com kind of missed a generation. I can’t believe it is 20 years since the first post on the site (1994!). And I still somehow have the 5,000 posts done over the years. There have been several major iterations of the site and while the text has survived not much else has: 1994. FrontPage Extensions […]


iChat IM

We’ve been experimenting with this at our office. IM has not been a big thing before, but with a small new office, its a good way to learn. “iChat”:http://mactips.info/tips/2007/02/set-up-ichat is the builtin IM system in Mac OS X. It is a little confusing, because the default is to use mac.com addresses and connect into an […]


IM on the Mac

Now that things are reasonably stable, time to get IM working again. It is super useful to have IM. Need to get all our Macs connected to it. With Bonjour, it is easy to do local IM, so just need the folks to start using iChat. Also iChat allows you to connect to “Google Talk”:http://www.google.com/support/talk/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=24076. […]


ISPs like Shaw block port 25 and break your email

Argh, why do internet providers act so smart! Sometimes I can’t seem to send email and right now I’m discovering that this is because certain ISPs will block the SMTP port 25 (send mail) and 465 (secure send mail), so mysteriously at some access points, you can send mail and at others you can’t. Some […]

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