Crystal, Flo and Molly Moon’s

Cool day with skiing at crystal. Perfect groomed day. Dinner at Flo’s was great. Too much traffic in bellevue buy an awesome Japanese sushi place. Trythe chirashi and also tuna carpaccio. If u haven’t tried Molly Moon’s for artisan ice cream. Tryviy perfect for the 2C day. Salted caramel is awesome but love the spiced […]


Snowing in Seattle amd Elastigirl

Another 20cm headed Seattle’s way. How incredibly beautiful. More shots on the way. Was feeling sad but as my good friend John reminded me there is really one way to handle true sadness. Feel it and then do something about it. He reminded me of The Incredibles, Helen (aka Elastigirl, discovers here world is falling […]


Noble Court rocks

When you are in 10cm of snow there is nothing like dian Xin at Noble Court. And we got skis at Ski Mart too. Nice pictures Grace!


Drive by beauty

I love camera phones because even though I carry a dSLR whereever I go there are still so many times when I see something heartachingly beautiful. Here I was driving madly to do Christmas shopping. Headed to feathered friends and I turn and see this sunset. Blurry going 100kph but u get the idea.


Downtown Seattle Restaurants

!>http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/dayart/20070330/226rest_30_2.jpg! Well, I said you could spend a year exploring downtown Seattle restaurants for lunch. Here’s a sampling of the latest so far in the definitely go there again. As a sampling of where to find reviews, “Gayot.com”:http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/bestof/bestof/seattle.html and The Stranger I’d add to my list. The “Gayot Top 10”:http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/bestof/se_top10foodratings.html is pretty good. * “Steelhead […]


Downtown Seattle Restaurants

Ok with the new sub office, getting to restaurants is way more fun than a chicken wrap at the Bellevue Club. Here are some restaurants we’ve been to and some others to try: # Place Pigalle, it seems a long way, but it is just a few blocks to Pioneer Square. The meal there is […]


Acme Bowl

Wow, we had not heard about this place, until we happened to be a Jalisco’s (a great Mexican restaurant on Capital Hill), the waiter said he’s just been to Acme to bowl and it was terrific.

We took our kids birthday party in tow and headed down there. Wow, it is way nicer than Sunset Bowl (no smoking!) and although it is expensive ($90 for six people, two lanes, shoe rentals and two games), it is worth it.

It is clean and has lots of flat screen TVs everywhere. There is a bar and a restaurant too. It is brand new and across from the Mervyns. See http://acmebowl.com for more details. 100 Andover Park West, Tukwila, WA 98188 Main: 206.340.ACME
Events: 206.340.0202
Fax: 206.340.0404

General inquiries: info@acmebowl.com

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