This WordPress for the iPhone is so amazing. You can blog from your iPhone so now I can take hours to compose a long note. Or I can share the amazing things I see in ordinary life. While a 2mp camera is truly lousy. Remember the first Leicas were designed with 1 megapixel resolution in […]


A dear friend taught me that I’m not the only one who listens to all kinds of music and cares about it. I also learned that the lyrics are the poetry of the day and even more important than the melody sometimes. To this day, when I listen to a song, it puts me back […]

Cafe Presse

OMG, there is actually somewhere where you can get food at 2AM in the morning! Let’s pretend we are in France 🙂CAFÉ PRESSE SEATTLE Café Presse is now open and serving South Capitol Hill in the Seattle University neighborhood. The second collaboration of Le Pichet owners Joanne Herron and Jim Drohman offers full coffee service […]

Citi is SAVED

Thank goodness, watching its stock price fall has been scary, but now this will prevent financial meltdown U.S. agrees to bail out Citigroup – MarketWatch The U.S. government agreed Sunday night to rescue Citigroup Inc. with a huge bailout plan that includes a $20 billion capital infusion, guarantees for up to $306 billion of Citi’s […]

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